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Getting started

Drayman is a server-side component framework.

  • The browser only renders what the user should see - all logic and calculations happen server-side.
  • For displaying UI, you can use any available HTML element, web component or custom Drayman third-party component.
  • Both worlds - server-side and front-end code is managed inside a single script.

Let's discover Drayman in less than 5 minutes.

Installing locally#

To start building with Drayman and use the latest version available you'll need to run:

npx @drayman/framework-init@latest my-appcd my-appnpm start

The website will be available at http://localhost:3033.


You can also try Drayman immediately inside CodeSandbox by visiting this URL.

Open src/components/home.tsx and edit some lines: the site reloads automatically and displays your changes.